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Greg Cummings | Trekking with gorillas in central Africa

Greg Cummings leads safaris to see gorillas in their natural habitats across central Africa, in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo.Read more

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UK Sky News Anchors On Safari | Uganda’s gorillas leave Penny Smith starstruck in their midst – Daily Mail

Daily Mail — What do you call three Doric columns on a foggy day? Pillars in the mist. OK,Read more

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Taking Uganda’s different tourism prospects higher

Tourism has become an important sector in Uganda and a great contributor to foreign exchange, employment, and investment inRead more

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Tourism helps to increase gorilla population in Uganda

Figures show that tourism has played a significant part in increasing the number of gorillas in Africa. Recent statisticsRead more

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The Uganda Wildlife Authority introduces mountain bike riding on Mt. Elgon

The Uganda Wildlife Authorities has introduced mountain bike-riding in Mt. Elgon National Park as a new tourist activity. TheRead more

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Uganda Participates In the Global Travel Industry Meet

All Photos by Richard Cunningham –World Travel Market (WTM) is a UK event aimed at the global travel industry.Read more

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List of tour operators and travel Companies in Uganda

I have taken time to compile this list to give tourists and stake holders what to choose from, inRead more

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List of national parks and wildlife reserves in Uganda

I have compiled a complete list of national parks and wildlife game reserves in Uganda that are maintained byRead more

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Uganda Wildlife Authority launches Gorilla tracking promotion

The management of Uganda Wildlife Authority(UWA) has launched a Gorilla tracking promotion to coincide with Uganda’s 50th Independence anniversaryRead more

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About Uganda Tourism Center

We are a leading independent tourism and holiday resource center responsible for marketing Uganda worldwide. Read More..

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