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Bagisu People: Uganda’s most fearsome patriarchal tribe and their Culturally unique Circumcision Ceremony

“Umukhasi umutuufu amanya inda yo museetsa” (A proper woman knows the husband’s stomach)~Bagisu Proverb. Bagisu (Bamasaaba) people: Imbalu candidates danceRead more

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Ntebe za Mugula: The seat carved from rock

In the colonial era, Entebbe was chosen as an administrative seat of government. It was suited in many waysRead more

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A trip down memory lane with Uganda’s zoo

The year was 2000 and I was only eleven. I was a village girl who knew nothing much aboutRead more

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Falling in love with bird watching the Ugandan way!

The first time I went bird watching—I didn’t even know then that it was actually a game–was when IRead more

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A mandazzi feast in a Kampala taxi

It was very cold; everyone inside the taxi was coiled up in their seat. Monday morning traffic jam acrossRead more

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Visiting Rwenzori Mountains National Park

During this year’s Easter holiday, we decided to take a road trip to the western region.We found ourselves atRead more

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A retreat at UG’s Baha’i temple

Location A visit to the Baha’i Temple on Kikaaya hill in Kanyanya on a sunny Saturday afternoon is myRead more

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Eco Tourism in Uganda

Uganda is “Blessed by Nature” with a wide range of rain forests, wildlife sanctuaries, rich cultural history, spectacular nationalRead more

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A date with Mountain Gorillas

When my boss confirmed that I was representing her among a group of journalists in a media trip toRead more

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