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The Picturesqueness of the Irresistible Mount Moroto

“I have forgotten my handbag in my bedroom” I uttered out in dismay as Ivan our Uber driver parkedRead more

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Hiking Mount Napak the third highest Mountain In Karamoja

The alarm tone on my phone was so loud that it made my heart skip a beat. I wasRead more

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Hiking Mount Sabinyo the second highest of the Virunga Mountains

“You are not supposed to indulge into any vigorous activities for the next 6 months. You need to healRead more

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I sat inside the bus to Mbale impatiently waiting for Spacey to show up. The driver seemed fed upRead more

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Hiking Mount Gahinga; The Smallest Of The Virunga Mountains

I had never heard of Mount Gahinga prior to Matt Battani, the secretary of the Mountain Club of Uganda,Read more

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Lorna’s Rwenzori Trekking Experience

My interest and inspiration in the Rwenzori Mountain Range all started a year ago, around August 2016 on oneRead more

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Uganda International Cultural Tourism Fair 2017 Photos

The Uganda International Cultural Tourism Fair 2017 was held at the Uganda Museum, Here are some of the EventRead more

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Pearl of Africa Tourism Expo (POATE) 2017 Photos

The Pearl of Africa Tourism Expo (POATE) is a yearly East African tourism expo organized by Uganda Tourism Board.Read more

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Bagisu People: Uganda’s most fearsome patriarchal tribe and their Culturally unique Circumcision Ceremony

“Umukhasi umutuufu amanya inda yo museetsa” (A proper woman knows the husband’s stomach)~Bagisu Proverb. Bagisu (Bamasaaba) people: Imbalu candidates danceRead more

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