YASIGI, the Malian goddess of beer, dance, and masks welcomes you to discover the world of micro-brewed beer at the first beer garden in Kampala.

As in the days of our ancient forefathers, the African spirit of celebration is revived at Yasigi, with beer brewed to perfection using the finest malt, hops and yeast, with no preservatives. Good beer coupled with our fresh grill and brick oven pizza served in a lively and cheerful setting with African music from around the continent makes YASIGI BEER GARDEN a Haven for Africa’s Beer Lovers.

The beer at YASIGI is made with a focus on quality rather than quantity. Care is taken from a selection of the finest ingredients to ensure a perfect balance between malt, hops and yeast resulting in thirst quenching masterpieces. YASIGI lagers are crafted to your taste using the latest German brewing technology and the finest ingredients to ensure the highest quality beer.
Brewing Yasigi beer starts with heating malt in filtered water to convert the starches to sugars. The resulting sugar water (wort) is boiled to get rid of contaminants. Hop (the female flower of the Humulus lupulus plant) is added at the beginning and end of the boil for bitterness and aroma. This is then cooled and transferred to the fermentation tank where yeast is added to initiate the fermentation process. Each stage of this process creates different flavors. Grains can give off grassy, roasted or sweet flavors, while hops create bitter, floral and citrusy characteristics. Yeast provides earthy and bready flavors in some beer varieties, and the resulting alcohol adds the intoxicating characteristics to the mixture. Each recipe creates a unique combination of body, flavor and aroma for an exceptional beer drinking experience.