Taj Mahal Hotel and Casino is an ‘inter-continental’ Hotel and Casino offering a mixed variety in cuisine and design/décor. Though you will see this variety in design/decor within our Hotel and rooms, our Casino has a typically Indian style architecture, theme & staff attire, hence our name ‘Taj Mahal’.

Our Casino gives you an option of 6 gambling games :

  • Table game – American Roulette (AR)
  • Card games – Pontoon
  • Black-Jack
  • Stud Poker (5-Card Caribbean Poker)
  • Texas Hold’Em (7-Card Poker)
  • Machine games – Slot Machines x 20

We are striving to ensure our players and guests have quality entertainment at hand in a relaxing ambience with quiet background music; 24-7 tasty snacks and delicious meals; whilst offering comfortable relaxation, conveniently on the same premises by offering the option of booking into our tastefully furnished rooms without having to drive and find accommodation after a long night of fun.