The Tombs of Kanyange Nnamasole house the body of Nnamasole Kanyange, the mother of Ssekabaka Suuna II who is buried at the Wamala Tombs. They are located on a hillside looking across a valley to Suuna II’s Wamala Tombs. The same Kanyange Nnamasole Tombs also house the bodies of other subsequent Nnamasoles (Nnamasole is the mother of a Kabaka).

The tombs are an important place for rituals and ceremonies, and contain a special sacred drum used to summon Suuna II’s spirit. A historical walk to the impressive Wamala tombs retraces the steps that Kanyange and Suuna followed to visit each other.

How to Get There

Nnamasole Kanyange Tombs site is located at Kagoma, 12 Kilometers along the Kampala-Bombo Road. Turn left at Kagoma trading center onto a dirt road that goes to the tombs, 0.25 Kilometers away takes about 30 minutes from Kampala city center