At Marafiki Safari Lodge the sun rises from behind the dark silhouette of the Kyambura Gorge resting on the far shores of Lake George. As the Savannah Plains come to life – with Elephants moving silently across the savannah grasslands, birds darting between the trees sounding the morning chorus and hippos yawning lazily in the shimmering waters of Lake George – from the comfort of your luxury safari tent, you will be greeted by a truly perfect African morning.

Marafiki Lodge is beautifully situated overlooking Lake George in the Queen Elizabeth National Park in western Uganda. The park spans the equator and is one of Uganda’s most popular tourist destinations; it extends from Lake Edward in the southwest to Lake George in the northeast with the Kazinga channel connecting the two lakes. It covers an area of approximately 1,978 km2 (764 m2) and was named after Queen Elizabeth II.

The park is particularly famous for it’s wildlife including elephants, lions, leopards, hippos and chimpanzees; it also boasts over 600 species of birds. The Kazinga channel is home to hippos, elephants and buffalo and the plains are famous for classic big game including lions that hunt the unique Uganda kob. In the Rukingiri district live the tree-climbing lions whose males have unique black manes.

The park is also famous for it’s salt lakes that fill volcanic craters where the local people have been extracting salt for hundreds of years. A visit to Marafiki offers you the opportunity to explore local communities and learn about the areas cultural history, meet the local people, enjoy story telling and experience the local dance and music. Something we feel very strongly about at Marafiki is the parks focus on conservation through working closely with and empowering the local communities. We welcome travellers interested in conservation and offer special rates for visitors willing to include conservation work within the park as part of their ‘holiday’.

Activities at Marafiki Safari Lodge

At Marafiki, we will ensure you are given every opportunity to enjoy Uganda and her unique beauty – voted as the Number 1 Travel Destination 2012 by the Lonely Planet and dubbed the Pearl of Africa by Winston Churchill, Uganda is a hidden paradise of Safari adventures waiting for you.

  • Land Safari
  • Boat Safari
  • Cultural Village Walks
  • Tree Climbing Lions