ENDIRO COFFEE derives its name from endiro, a local phrase in Luganda that refers to a place where friends and family gather for conversation and often for a meal. In Runyakore, a language from South Western Uganda, Endiro is a type of basket given as a gift to show honor and respect. Endiro Coffee beautifully brings all of these elements together.

Endiro Coffee is a hub for the finest coffee beans from the mountainous ranges of Elgon and Rwenzori. Regional coffees from Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Burundi are also available at Endiro Coffee.

The food is excellent; all of it handmade with fresh premium ingredients using the finest recipes and expertise. And get this, a percentage of Endiro Coffee’s after tax profits supports a variety of compassion projects that care for the vulnerable children of Uganda, including children with HIV, child headed families, medical treatment for children whose families cannot afford it, and mentoring young people.