We welcome you all to the Venom Experience!. Come, have fun and cheers to Venom Craft Beer!

Craft beer is New to Kampala and one thing becomes abundantly clear: every beer is like a person, possessing individual personalities, stories, and characteristics. The basic components are the same, but the variables that are present give craft beer immense potential to create insanely interesting, complex and delicious beers.

We bring you a world-class local brewery where beer is made with passion, integrity and strong feeling for taste. Discover the whole new world of great tasting beers of exotic taste with new flavors and together lets change the face of drinkers FOR GOOD!

If we stopped judging beers through daft ads and instead concentrated on what the stuff tastes like, people would enjoy savoring and appreciating beer for its creativity and originality just like food…  Join us at Venom and learn to appreciate the basics of beer, the core ingredients and move up your taste scale into a world of unimaginable flavors where it becomes enjoyable to sip and savor rather than guzzle in our nightclub.

At Venom our beers are produced in small batches and nurtured through the entire process to bring great beers that combine aroma, flavor and customized to the Ugandan palate.

There is no better way to celebrate holidays, birthdays, anniversaries or any type of celebration not just today, but also next month and the next–for as long as you desire! At Venom night club: Each month brings a new variety of exciting flavors and unique gastronomical experience with FOUR different varieties of different brews from our very own local brewery.

Having a microbrewery or boutique brewery is viewed around the world as a sympol of pride. There are very few microbreweries in East, West and North Africa. As Uganda’s first and foremost Microbrewery specialists we stand  behind every order with a vision of becoming one of the finest clubs in Kampala not just because we think BIG but we know VENOM exists for a purpose. Only at Club Venom you can enjoy more complex beer with a mix of several flavors that don’t come in a single bottle but varieties on the taps!

Start masterminding our choice of craft beers today. Sign up for free as our valued member of club-venom and receive points, discounts and even free gifts. Don’t miss out, be part of this craft beer revolution!