Bulange hosts Buganda Kingdom`s administration and its Parliament where the Kabaka meets members of the Buganda Lukiiko (Parliament). The construction work was started in 1953 and was completed in 1958, The building has no upper floors because in the Kiganda culture, no body sits above and over the Kabaka`s head (Kabaka tatulwa ku mutwe). The spot at which Bulange stands was formally occupied by the first English Police Post and was called Namirembe. It took the name Bulange from Bulange hill due to the weaving grass that used to grow on that hill. It was built facing directly the Lubiri entrance with a mile long avenue called Kabakaanjagala (The-King-Loves-Me) linking the two. Although it had for over 20 years been out of Buganda`s control, it still maintains its original stature despite once being gutted by fire. The symbols of the 50 clans are prominently depicted on the walls in the foyler of the Bulange.

In the year 1966, the country Uganda faced a political turmoil; the Lubiri was invaded and captured. Bulange was turned into the Uganda army headquarters and the cultural institutions were abolished. However, in the year 1993, cultural institutions were re-instated and Bulange was handed back to Buganda Kingdom.

Located on Namirembe Hill approximately 3km from the city center of Kampala