I’m Vaedy, a content manager of Fote Company. I really love Bwindi Impenetrable Forest where I can track gorillas. Although the project is the most expensive one I’ve ever experienced in the National Park, usually 650$, I feel absolutely worth it. The reason why the price is the highest is that they need enough expenditure to ensure a comfortable living environment for these animals who are facing extinction. There are different ways for you to track chimpanzees, and you never forget their gloomy eyes which make you wonder that if it is because the gorillas are as rare as recognized handsome men, sometimes you find the same look between them.

It took me three days to visit: starting from the capital, Kampala, I drove more than 400 kilometers (the second half is a mountain road) to the destination. Of course, you can also choose to take a private jet to go straight to the destination, and you can also overlook different scenery from a high altitude. The advantage of traveling by car is that you can enjoy more natural scenery, such as large wetlands, equatorial landscapes, banana gardens, tea gardens, and the most authentic Mbarara cuisine.

Highly recommended items: Track habituated chimpanzees in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, visit the Batwa dwarf tribe (feel the remnants of the hunting civilization), Lake Bunyonyi is a wonderland of the real world, Elizabeth National Park (Inadvertently look up and find a lion on a fig tree, which making your adrenal hormones soar instantly)

Shared by Vaedy Xiao