The reptiles of Uganda can be viewed at Uganda Reptile Village in Entebbe. Species on display include the Gaboon Viper, Forest Cobra, Nile Monitor, Leopard Tortoise and Jacksons Chameleon.

A major function of the village is to educate people so that they overcome a fear of reptiles and take an interest in their conservation.

Come see over 50 reptiles with 20 different species on display from cobras,boomslangs, skinks, monitor lizards,tortoises and the most poisonous snake in Africa the Gaboon Viper. One enclosure is an open basin, as the species hosted there are non-climbing. Another basin is home for four different species of tortoises, your children will love watching these slow but fun animals eat their vegetables. Walking down the gentle slope you will reach the present location of the chameleons. At the end of the compound opens into a swamp area. This swamp is an ideal place for animals like reptiles, birds and monkeys to breed and feed. In the near future we plan to add another enclosure for crocodiles.

The reptiles on display are rescured from within Uganda and given a safe home.

Situated 2km off the Entebbe Kampla highway the village is open 7days a week from 8am to 6pm including public holidays. Come and visit us with your friends and family for a most enjoyable experience.