The Y.E.S. Hostel is now open and picking up more and more visitors each day. We offer bunk beds with six or four in a room at 20,000 UGX a night which is about $8 US. Camping is 10,000 UGX a night, which is about $4 US. Meals can be ordered from the kitchen, or cook yourself for 5,000 UGX per day.

The Y.E.S. Hostel is located in a nice quiet and clean place and it has showers, toilets and a kitchen to cook meals. A take-out restaurant is nearby with affordable prices. The other parts of the hostel on the upper floor, house our offices, and a library. We also have a movie theater and conference room where we show Saturday night movies and conferences and trainings can be held for older orphans throughout the week.

The Y.E.S. Hostel has been open since 2006 and has a steady stream of international visitors. Tourists are learning about it and finding that it is a quiet and restful place to stay on the way to different national parks. Y.E.S. prays that the business continues to grow so that the needs of more orphaned children can be met.

The Y.E.S. Hostel is perfect for backpackers and groups traveling through to different Ugandan tourist destinations. Our guests benefit from the low cost of accommodations as compared to hotels and they have a nice opportunity to interact more with other travelers, coming from different parts of the world, and to find new friends. The next Brandt Travel Guide will have coverage in it about the Y.E.S. Hostel.

All proceeds from the Y.E.S. Hostel go directly to the orphan program to support the needy Ugandan orphans!