Space Cafe is a vibrant cafe and restaurant in the heart of Jinja town where good coffee,local cuisine and European dishes are served.You are welcome to our legendary hospitality in a serene ambiance.Enjoy free wireless internet in the comfort of our beautiful gardens.

It provides the perfect refuge from a busy days adventure or a quick break from the office. It is where Jinja goes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee and pastries.

Menu items are specifically designed to meet the needs of just about everyone looking for a friendly informal dining experience. Great emphasis is put on customer service. The staff are highly skilled, trained and experienced in the hospitality industry.

Space Cafe is part of the Hared Group of companies, the parent company to Hared Fuel Stations, Space Supermarkets and Space Apartments. We commit to great food, great coffee, great service, an experience that will make you long for more.

Our Coffee Philosophy
At Space Cafe we have taken a lot of time and effort to perfect our coffee in order to provide you with the perfect cup, each and every time. Remember, coffee is the favorite drink of the civilized world. Below are the standards that we work under. If you ever feel that your coffee does not meet these standards, please do tell us.

Espresso Machine
We use the LG X81LE (Limited Edition) espresso machine, known as the holy grail of espresso machines. The X81LE raises the bar on espresso machine design by an order of magnitude not known before. Please feel free to ask us about it.

Our choice for the all important espresso blend is Traditional grinder. This is electronic dosing and grinding at its absolute best. It features a 900 watt motor with 71 mm conical burrs running at 500 rpm, dosing 22 grams in 3 seconds. It also has an integrated cooling fan and an electronic digital timer with programmable display, all at the touch of a button. Perfection.

Expertly selected, freshly roasted and ground arabica coffee beans from mountains of Bugisu-Elgon Mt. They have a reputation for being one of the best coffee beans in the world.

Our Baristas have at least three continuous years experience behind a professional espresso machine. They are continuously in pursuit of perfecting the art of espresso making. One of our own–Freddy-competed in the National Baristas Championships(NBC) last year!

We only use absolutely fresh, organic milk (3.5 Fat).

Our machines, grinders and the surrounding work areas are always kept impeccably clean.

Taste Test
We drink and check the taste of our coffee ourselves. All the time.