Ruboni Community Camp is situated at the gateway to the Rwenzori Mountains National Park. Come and experience stunning views of the mountains and witness the extraordinary wildlife unique to this region. You will be warmly welcomed by the Bakonzo community who have inhabited the foothills of the Mountains for over 300 years. We are proud to mention that, now Ruboni community camp can guide you on the – two nights three days tour – to the new Mahoma trail in the central Rwenzori.

The location makes the camp an ideal destination for mountaineers who are preparing for their ascent into the Rwenzoris. Don’t have the time or energy to climb a big mountain? No problem, the camp is also an ideal place to relax and enjoy the stunning scenery at a more leisurely pace!

At Ruboni community camp, we provide you the opportunity to experience the Rwenzori nature and culture as part of your low land trips without climbing the high mountains. After/ before Kibale forest National park, Queen Elizabeth national park or on your way from/to the gorillas.

We have made it easy for you to arrange your visit since we now have an office in Kampala and can arrange weekend trips. We also accept credit cards and PayPal.

Besides, Ruboni Community Camp can be part of very many holidays in western Uganda. these include the following;

1- Kibale Forest and Queen Elizabeth National Park. It is located between these two National Parks. from Fort portal, it is 65 km on the Kasese road and then you branch 17km west. It is ideal for a night before Queen Elizabeth National Park. If the program is tight, you can branch off for a lunch, a traditional dance A hill climb walk, a village walk, a forest walk or sight seeing the Rwenzori Mountains before you proceed to Queen Elizabeth National Park.

2- The Gorilla trip. Ruboni Community Camp is located on the only route that takes you from the Gorillas to the chimps in Kibale Forest National Park and Murchison Falls National Park without getting back to Kampala.It is perfectly located at the point of a break from the journey to Kibale or Murchison but also is unique to the low land safari since it gives you a glimpse of the Rwenzori which is apparently enjoyed by mountain trekkers.

3- Rwenzori – Queen Elizabeth National Park. It is located about 40km from Queen Elizabeth National park. you can start off from Ruboni Community Camp and do a morning game drive or you can do the last evening activity in Queen Elizabeth National Park and take your dinner/ overnight at Ruboni Community Camp.

4- Kampala-Rwenzori retreat. It takes only 6 hours drive from Kampala to Ruboni Community Camp. After a seminar or any business in Kampala, or any other town of Uganda, you need two nights and two days to experience the Rwenzori Mountains.