On this spot landed the first catholic missionaries of Uganda on the 17th day of February in the year of our lord 1879; Reverend Simeon Lourdel and Brother Amans of the society of the white fathers” reads a famous monument at Kigungu. 

Entebbe is home to the historical site at Kigungu peninsular where the first catholic missionaries; Brother Amans and Father Mon Maple Lourdel landed to establish the Catholic Faith in Uganda. The two missionaries left Marseilles (their native place) with the first caravan of White Fathers on April 22, 1878, and landed in Zanzibar on June 17. The Caravan ventured on land into the interior of Africa, braving the wilderness northwards, crossing Lake Victoria and arriving in Uganda.

On their way to Rubaga to meet King Mutesa, they spent a night at Kisubi. On the orders of King Mutesa they were accommodated at Kitebi near Rubaga where they spent 15 days until they were summoned to the Kabaka’s court. Fr. Lourdel informed Mutesa that he and four others had been sent to establish a Catholic Mission in Uganda. Mutesa consented to the coming of the Catholic missionaries in Uganda on 17th February 1879 when he authorized the sending of canoes to fetch the rest of the group.

Accordingly every 17th day of February is observed by Catholics in Uganda who make pilgrimage to Kigungu to commemorate the arrival of Christianity in Uganda. Today, Kigungu is also known for its expansive well-maintained rolling grounds and a serene environment suitable for relaxation and entertainment. It is also protected as a center of research on the Catholic religion in Uganda.