Igongo Cultural Centre (ICC) was officially opened on the 23rd December 2011. The opening was presided over by H.E the president of Uganda. The function was blessed by other government officials especially in the tourism and hospitality sector. They included, among others Prof. Ephraim Kamuntu, Minister of Tourism Wildlife and Heritage, Executive director of Uganda Wildlife Authority and the First Lady and minister for Karamoja, Mrs. Janet Museveni.

To most people of South Western Uganda, cattle were the most treasured possession in their lives. Besides providing milk, ghee, meat and hides, cows were the state of the value and a medium of exchange. Cows were the mode of payment of bride price and some special cows were used in religious rituals as well as cultural and political ceremonies.

The long horned Ankore cows were most valued because they were adapted to the climate of the region and resistant to most diseases. A cow was appreciated for the amount of milk it yielded: for its size and stature; its body colour; and for the shape and whiteness of its long horns, as well as its ancestry.

One cow that is remembered for making all the desired qualities was Mayenje ga Ishinjo Rutanyuobwa Bigomba, which was owned by Kabundami, the king of Buhweju around 1720 AD. The highly prized cow was envied by Ntare IV, the king of Nkore, who sent two of his warriors, Rucu rwa Bugoro and Runkunku to steal the cow.

The angred Kabundami who deployed his army under the command of Muguta Ya Butaho one of the greatest worriors in the history of the region. Muguta recovered recovered the cow from Nkore after awar that cost 4000 lives of fighters on both sides. nkore’s army was commanded by the great worrior Ntsinga Ya Nyarihima who lived at Rwantsinga about 5 Kilometres from where Igongo Cultural Centre is located. After this war, the borders of both kingdoms shifted.

Traditional performers, we are partners with more than 100 traditional music and drama groups from all over Western Region and we offer them to you for entertainment both in-house and outdoor, make a pick of your favorite troupe and get them to perform for you at your convenient time and place and these include; Kakizba, Mafara, Muto,  Timpipa, Rwankunionio Performers, Intoore Performers, Kacence Dancers among others.