Ateker Cultural Centre, Karamoja is established as a local indigenous cultural organization in Moroto, Karamoja since 2019. With the aim of promoting original heritage of Ateker communities across borders and other pastoralist groups in Africa.
Ateker is here to create awareness on promoting the sharing and celebration of pastoralist’s values and cultures across borders.

A Vibrant center preserving, nurturing, celebrating and promoting the Pastoralists’ heritage, Livelihoods, Languages, History and harmonious living of all ATEKER groups in the East and Horn of Africa through various organized and accepted communication channels.

To work with all groups of ATEKER in partnership with modern cultural institutions and well-wishers, to reduce and eliminate all forms of territorial barriers,
discrimination, and insecurity to enable ATEKER people to celebrate, build and share their cultural heritage and resources to enable them grow into a united, and progressive peaceful people within the East and Horn of African states.