Come visit Aruu Falls campsite to enjoy a true African wilderness experience. Hiking the rocks and having a great swim at the bottom of the cascading roaring Aruu falls is such a thrilling unforgettable experience.

While at it, Visitors can try a hand at fishing and if you are lucky you may just as well catch your dinner. Not to be discouraged, we have chefs who can cook the most amazing mouthwatering dishes for one to retire to after a fun filled day at the bottom of the falls

The campsite is a few meters at the top of the falls in a very relaxed and quite environment with the fresh crisp breeze from the falls to soothe the mind and calm the spirit. The roaring sound of the falls is the only sound that can be heard when visitors retire finally to a peaceful night by the campfire.

Aruu falls campsite is located in Northern Uganda and it is a very convenient stop over for visitors going to Kidepo National Game Park. It is located on the Gulu – Kitgum highway, 47 Km from Gulu and 57 Km from Kitgum .It is 185 Km from Kidepo national park and 386 Km from Kampala.