Naggalabi Buddo is where the Kabakas (kings) of Buganda Kingdom have been crowned for the past 700 years. It is said that Buganda accession ceremonies take place on Buddo Hill because it was were Kintu the first kabaka(king) of Buganda killed his brother Bemba and declared himself King in the 13th century. The coronation of Ssabasajja Kabaka Ronald Kimera Mutebi II, which was attended by tens of thousands of people, took place at Naggalabi   on 31st July 1993. The site is very pleasant with a panoramic view of the surrounding country side.

Naggalabi Coronation site is one of the most important cultural sites to Buganda. This site comprises of different historical houses that are important in the coronation of the Buganda kings.

The Buganda house, where the prince spends nine days after being crowned, Every crowned king spends nine days in this house. Nobody in the area is to touch a woman until the king completes the nine days. This period is known as “Enaku ezobwerinde” (days of tension), The kabaka uses the nine days to select his cabinet and strategize on how to run the affairs of the kingdom.

Mbonelede Tree

This tree is believed to be one of the oldest trees in the country. It is said that during his reign, Kabaka Kintu used it as his court. It is large, with long branches bending to the ground from the top in an umbrella-like shape.

During court sessions, people pleaded for mercy saying ‘“Mbonelede,” meaning “I have learnt a lesson,” thus giving the tree its name. For over 500 years, subsequent kings used the same tree as their court.

The site offers storytelling, traditional music, dance and drama performance (on request), picnic site, hand craft

Naggalabi Buddo is a 20 minutes drive out of Kampala along Masaka Road, the left turn on a sharp bend that leads to Kings college Buddo – Naggalabi Buddo is a few metres past Kings College Buddo.