This replica of a complete Bakiga homestead was built in 2002 by Festo Karwemera, a Kabale elder and a famous fighter for the language and the culture of the Bakiga. Mr Karwemera lacked the time and the skills to effectively promote it, so at the end of 2003 he invited Edirisa to run it. The museum has become the central part of The Home of Edirisa

A Mukiga with a spear (eicumu), the traditional weapon, stays in front of the fence (orugo). This fence is made out of rough sticks that would make noise if somebody tried to climb over. A stuffed wild cat is there to discourage other animals from entering.

Some of the numerous utensils inside are a grinding stone (orubengo), a mortar for pounding (eshekoro), a churning calabash (ekishabo), a pot for making parfumes (rukomyo) a traditional stool (ekitebe). At the back, the traditional instrument enanga awaits.

Outside the compound, you can enter the shrine (endaro) for communicating with spirits. Among the many tools of the traditional healer (omufumu), these are the most important; the rattle (orunyegye), the calabash (oburengo) and the cow horn (eihembe) filled with blood.

A guided tour costs USh 10,000/3 euros per person. Special prices for groups and locals.